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Breakfast with a Giraffe: Touring Giraffe Manor

Nov. 26, 2018Ready to take a walk on the wild side? If you’re suffering from a major bout of wanderlust and find yourself dreaming of an exotic destination that’s as unique as it is captivating, grab your passport — Giraffe Manor in Kenya offers an up close and personal experience that’s downright bucket-list worthy.

This stunning luxury manor is located near Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi on 12 acres of private land. The manor itself is simply breathtaking. Its ivy covered brick terraces, lush gardens, and picturesque courtyards transport visitors back to the 1930’s when European tourists first traveled to Kenya for the safari experience.

However, the real appeal of Giraffe Manor is the incredible interactions that happen twice a day between guests and the gentle giants who roam the grounds. The manor is situated next to Giraffe Center, a sanctuary for the Rothschild Giraffes. These long-legged creatures are native to East Africa and are one of the most endangered of the nine subspecies of giraffes. They freely move about the area, greeting hotel guests during early morning breakfast and again for evening cocktails in the courtyard.

The giraffes are not shy. In fact, they often (literally) poke their heads right into the dining area through its large windows to sniff out the snacks they’ve grown accustomed to receiving from hotel guests. At breakfast, bowls of grass pellets are situated right next to the jam and tea. As guests enjoy their own meal, they’re able to hand feed and pet the tall, hungry visitors.

A little unconventional? Maybe.

Completely magical? Most definitely.


A Stay at Giraffe Manor

While the giraffe encounters are the main draw, the rest of the guest experience at Giraffe Manor isn’t too shabby. Think twelve exquisitely decorated rooms with four-poster beds, lush furnishings, first-class dining experiences, complimentary car service, and a personal approach to hospitality that is world-renowned. Giraffe Manor is family friendly, but also hosts many honeymooning guests and adult-only groups. All meals and drinks are included in the price.

Booking a room at the manor can be tricky. The most popular rooms sell out months in advance, so early planning is key. Sure, the rooms are on the pricey side (don’t say we didn’t warn you), but a quick glance at reviews make it clear that a stay at this iconic hotel is worth every penny.

Not whipping out your credit card yet? If you need more convincing, Giraffe Manor’s commitment to conservation and sustainability will have you packing your bags.

Conservation and Sustainability Efforts

The manor, and the entire group of Safari Collection properties for that matter, are dedicated to being low-impact and having a positive influence on the people and environment around them. The hotel group even employs a staff member solely dedicated to community and conservation. Their mission is to give their guests a unique and safe safari encounter while simultaneously making a contribution to the conservation of Kenya’s wildlife.

What does this look like specifically? The Manor holds itself to a high standard when it comes to use of water, energy, and emissions. It’s constantly monitoring its practices to achieve a minimum footprint.


Reducing Plastic Waste

This spirit of conservation and sustainability is what sparked the Safari Collection’s Water Bottle Initiative. Upon arrival, the Manor presents their guests with a new, reusable metal water bottle. Since the initiative began, the Safari Collection hotels have seen an 85% drop in plastic waste.

Conserving Precious Resources

Water conservation is of utmost importance in Kenya, where over 50% of the population doesn’t have access to safe, piped water. This crisis inspired the hotel group’s Save a Bucket Campaign, which aims to conserve the colder water that flows from the tap or shower while guests wait for the water to heat.

This amount of water can really add up! The hotel estimates almost 1500 gallons of cold water is wasted per person each year without the buckets. The collected water can then be used for cleaning or watering plants.

It’s no surprise that Giraffe Manor has become one of the most sought after hotels in the world. If getting closer to nature and supporting an organization that’s showing major love to the planet and endangered wildlife is on your radar, a stay at this historic and charming hotel may be just the thing to add to your 2019 itinerary.




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Destiny Hagest

By Destiny Hagest

 —  Destiny is a freelance writer with a background in sustainability and natural health. She lives in the mountains of central Montana with her husband and young son. When she's not writing or chasing her toddler, you can find her wandering the quiet wilderness in search of wild herbs and antler sheds.

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