Sustainable beauty and skincare has come a long way in a short amount of time. Gone are the days of having to visit your local organic food co-op for a few measly—and not-so-enticing—options. Nowadays, clean beauty and skincare has become the norm, quickly overshadowing conventional products in desirability and efficacy. And major brands are sprinting to catch up.

Consumer’s desire for clean and sustainable products in recent years has been a much-needed shake-up in the beauty industry, where the last piece of legislation on product safety is over 80 years old. It’s true, the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act was passed in 1938, which requires companies to label their products for safe use and that all. In fact, the FDA has only prohibited the use of 11 ingredients—compared to the nearly 1,500 banned in the EU. Yes, the beauty industry is one that has a long way to go, but as consumers begin to educate themselves and their peers on the dangers and issues that lie behind many conventional beauty products, a new generation of clean beauty brands have made their way to the forefront. 

Before we dive in, perhaps you’re wondering what constitutes “clean” beauty. There are two major factors to take into account when vetting a brand for its purported cleanliness: Ingredients and labels. When it comes to ingredients, you’ll want to look out for non-toxics on the list. Sites like Follain, which lists the ingredients they restrict, and the Clean Face Project, which allows users to search their beauty products to see if they pass muster, can help in the vetting process. You’ll also want to look for transparency. Does the brand list their ingredients and their sources? Believe it or not companies don’t always have to list all of their ingredients—especially when there’s a fragrance involved. Other nice to haves? It goes without saying that makeup and skincare should be cruelty-free and more and more companies are moving towards vegan formulas and easily recyclable and even reusable packaging.

If you need some help greening your skincare and makeup products, we’ve rounded up seven of our favorite clean beauty brands that you can add to your routine.


#1—The Organic Skin Co.

Boasting a full product line that includes everything from skincare to makeup to brushes, The Organic Skin Co. is as committed to the planet as they are to gorgeous, fresh beauty. Founded by two sisters, one a naturopath and the other champion of all things organic, The Organic Skin Co. isn’t just a simple name—the products themselves include supercritical extracts from community farms and are certified organic.

Our top pick: The refillable palettes, which not only allow users to customize their colors but when a pod runs out, it can simply be reordered and popped back into the palette. Brillant we know!



Kosas creates cutting edge, super sleek beauty products that also happen to be extremely clean. With a freshly launched concealer, Kosas product line is fun, functional and effortlessly chic, and it’s refreshing to see a variety of ages, genders, and diversity showcased across the site.

Our top pick: The Tinted Face Oil that acts as a hydrating facial oil and a medium coverage foundation in one.



With 100% USDA certified organic ingredients, zero synthetic fragrances added, and cruelty-free practices, Cocokind skincare creates products that are easy to feel good about using. Boasting hero ingredients such as turmeric, matcha, and adaptogenic mushrooms, Cocokind’s skincare, makeup, and baby products are about as clean as they come. Famously transparent, the brand is continuously working towards better sustainable practices as well, such as their One Tree Planted partnership and push towards more sustainable packaging.

Our top picks: The Baby line, which includes soothing salves and oils for baby’s delicate skin, and the Turmeric Tonic, which rolls on clear to support acne-prone skin and treat breakouts on the spot.


#4—RMS beauty

A pioneer in the clean beauty industry, RMS Beauty is celebrating a decade of clean, functional beauty this year. Created to work with your body, RMS is perfect for those “no makeup” makeup looks, highlighting your own natural beauty with skincare and makeup that includes everything you’d need for a full look, while looking gorgeously minimal. The first company to take the idea of glowing from within and actually create a product for it.

Our top pick: Their Magic Luminizer for that dewy, glowing, moon-lit look.


#5—Lily Lolo

UK brand Lily Lolo could be considered the RMS across the pond—a pioneer of the clean beauty industry in their own right. With a range of products that include brushes, bronzers, mineral foundations and everything in between, Lily Lolo uses minerals to enhance their formulas to create flawless, weightless coverage.

Our top pick: Pressed Bronzer in Montego Bay, a warm versatile shade that will make you forget it’s winter (if only for a moment).


#6—Indie Lee

Skincare brand Indie Lee not only eschews ingredients that are known to cause harm, but also those that are even suspected are passed on as well. They are in favor of simple, honest ingredients that produce gorgeous results. The product of a dire diagnosis and subsequent wake up call (read founder Indie’s incredible story here), Indie Lee believes that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we eat and how we take care of ourselves otherwise.

Our top pick: Hard to choose, but the Meditation Facial Mist wins for being both calming and effective at hydrating parched skin.


#7—Kjaer Weis

Housed in packaging you’ll want to flaunt, Kjaer Weis proves that clean and sustainable beauty can also be incredibly luxurious. But the metal enamel packaging of Kjaer Weis products isn’t just for show, these compacts were created to be used and then reused, like a jewelry case for your makeup—even the lipsticks are refillable. Consider them the designer handbag of your beauty routine.

Our top pick: For hands down the perfect shade of red, the Kjaer Weis x Caroline Issa lipstick in Sucré is our go-to. 

Photo by Katsia Jazwinska on Unsplash


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