Hi, I’m Sally — a New York based eco-makeup artist, hair stylist and organic beauty expert. Today I’m here sharing expert green beauty tips and tricks for the summer months — a time notorious for heat, humidity, an extra-packed social calendar, and plenty of time outside.

I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle and turned to organic living as far back as I can remember. The switch was very natural for me. As soon as I found out what was in mainstream cosmetic products, I started my quest toward building my non-toxic beauty kit. This took years and a ton of research! I was ahead of my time because when I first became interested not many natural beauty companies existed. I remember going to Rose Marie Swift’s (creator of RMS Beauty) apartment testing and purchasing her cosmetics before her launch. I remember being so excited to get my hands on professional natural cosmetics. As the years went on, more and more high quality, non-toxic companies started to surface and it became easier for me to fully commit my passion as an Eco Makeup Artist.

Here are six of my favorite summer beauty tips, trends and products to try!

#1 – How to Humidity-Proof your Makeup

I use Mineral Fusion Mattifying Primer before each makeup application. I especially love it for my clientele who need to stay shine-free for long hours! Oil-absorbing kaolin clay reduces unwanted shine for a beautiful matte finish. It’s mistake proof (clear formula) makes it an easy addition to your everyday routine.

How to Use: Smooth on skin prior to foundation with fingertips.

#2 – How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

My favorite tool to fill in brows is Sante Naturkosmetik. Every client that sits in my chair, I use it on. Eyebrow Pencil No. 2 is a universal color that matches most of my clientele.

How to use: Apply using short brush strokes to mimic natural hair growth starting at the inner corner working towards the ends. Perfect for someone who wants natural looking brows. You don’t have to be afraid to fill in your brows with this pencil, it goes on lightly and can be added where extra is needed.

#3 – How to Nail the “No Makeup” Look

The key is to look enhanced, not concealed. For the skin and under the eyes, RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover Up is lightweight and hydrating. Formulated to enhance healthier looking skin, not just cover it up. It’s easy to use and provides even coverage, resulting in a beautiful second skin that looks like your skin!

How to use: Apply sparingly with fingers over the T-zone area or wherever any extra coverage is desired.

Pro tip: After you finish your full makeup application, apply a touch of Maison Lambert UnMakeup: SKIN BALM for fresh faced glow that turns your makeup into healthy looking skin. How to use: Warm a small amount into the palm of your hands and pat onto face, cheekbones and on any fine lines. Pro Tip: rub a tiny amount on fingertips and apply on lashes and brows to define and hold into place.

#4 – How to Get Glowing Skin

Kosas Cosmetics Color & Light: PRESSED are high performance eco highlighter and blush duos.

How to use: I used PAPAYA 1972 to apply a soft glow to the skin while adding a healthy flush of color onto cheeks, all in one compact! I love versatility and this product delivers. You can sweep the highlighter wherever glow is desired. I applied it to the cheeks, brow bone and eyelids.
Pro tip: For a super fresh-faced natural look, after dipping your brush into the powder, tap out any excess powder before application.

#5 – How to find the Perfect Natural Mascara

Hynt Beauty NOCTURNE Mascara is my go to organic-based Mascara, it comes in black and brown and I love both! I use brown if I want an undone natural look and Black for my eyes to be the focus. It’s long wear, durable and buildable to match your style. I love how long it lasts and it’s great for sensitive eyes.

How to use: Apply at the base of your lashes and brush upward. Repeat immediately on the same lashes for thicker look.

#6 – How to Perfect the “Pop of Color” Look

I love Lulu Lip Balm by Pin Up Cosmetics! This creamy lip balm glides on and naturally protects your lips with vitamin E.

How to use: Build up a few layers on your lips for a bolder hue of color.

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