Eco Friendly Summer Apparel From Toad & Co.

May. 21, 2018It may be raining up and down the East Coast… but at least it’s not snow! Considering the precipitation falling from the sky isn’t frozen, we East Coasters are calling it summer and beginning to dream of warm-weather hikes and days spent strolling sandy beaches (seriously, you folks on the West Coast don’t know how good you have it).

Besides the arrival of flowers and trees bursting with brand new foliage, there’s one major event that occurs this time of year that’s a true harbinger of everyone’s favorite season: The seasonal closet switcheroo. That joyous weekend spent bidding adieu to the heavy sweaters, constricting boots and excessive layers of winter in favor of bins filled with floaty dresses and lightweight fabrics.

“See ya next fall!”, you exclaim to the mittens and hats of the coldest time of year, as you practically toss the box to the back of your closet. Good riddance. The season of one (or two)-and-done dressing is here! But what if that stack of summer clothes is looking a little worse for wear?

If you’re looking for the perfect piece to consciously round out your warm-weather wardrobe, look no further than eco-friendly lifestyle brand Toad & Co. Boasting over two decades’ experience crafting sustainable apparel that blends performance with style, Toad & Co. believes style doesn’t have to be forfeited for technical performance. With a selection that will seamlessly transition from bike to boardroom to happy hour, Toad & Co.’s offerings of stylish women’s and men’s apparel are the answer to your summer wardrobe needs (especially for all you weekend warriors out there). But crafting sustainably-minded clothing and accessories for women and men is only one part of the Toad & Co. mission, this company has been at the forefront of the 1:1 movement since their founding.


Designed for Good

Believing that everyone deserves to lead a fulfilling life doing what they love in 1997 Toad & Co. partnered with Search, Inc. to co-found the Planet Access Company, a fully-functioning warehouse that trains and employs up to 70 adults with disabilities every year. This means every single garment purchased from Toad & Co. contributes to career opportunities, job training, and access to incredible outdoor discovery trips for the people packing and shipping your products. Meaning you’re doing good for the planet and its people when you shop.


Not your Dad’s Sip-off Pants

Cementing their status as true innovators of their time, at their founding Toad & Co. refused to believe that outdoor-ready apparel had to look like… outdoor apparel. Meaning what you find on their site today looks less like your dad’s embarrassing zip-off hiking pants (but they zip off in three places and can double as a life raft! … sorry, dad) and more like something you’d actually want to wear in public. Think: cool summer prints in silhouettes that feel current. Ready to take a look? Check out five of our favorite pieces from Toad & Co. below.


#1 — Sunkissed Maxi Dress

Wrap dresses are having a moment right now, and for good reason. This style looks incredible on everyone and offers comfort and convenience all in one – throw on a wrap dress with a chic pair of sandals and you’re done. No fuss. The Sunkissed Maxi Dress offers all the style of a wrap dress with the convenience of a classic tank. In a quick-dry nylon fabric, the Sunkissed Maxi works just as well for weddings as it does thrown on after a morning surf sesh. Bonus: It has pockets.



#2 — Harris Short Sleeve Slim Shirt

For the guy who skips happy hour in favor of an evening hike, the Harris Short Sleeve Slim Shirt easily chills under a blazer until 5 o’clock rolls around; then, simply untuck and add your favorite shorts to hit the trail. With a textured weave reminiscent of birch bark, the Harris Shirt is sleek enough for the office or Sunday brunch, while offering mountain-ready details, like a button-down collar and cotton construction for more active afternoons.



#3 — Jetlite Crop Pant

No time to change between your flight and meeting up with friends? Skip your tired black leggings in favor of the Women’s Jetlite Crop Pants, which feature a modern cut in a stretch woven fabric. Simply switch out your Birks for ballet flats and throw on a slinky tank and layered necklaces and no one will guess you just arrived from a cross-country red eye.



#4 — Couvert Hemp Short Sleeve Pullover

Not long ago, hemp-based clothing had a certain reputation for being baggy, bulky, and enjoyed exclusively by the jam band set. Not knocking jam bands, but thankfully the fabric has come a long way from where it once was. Proof? The Couvert Pull Over, which features a modern cut with relaxed dolman sleeves and a side pocket where you can drop your keys or other essentials.



#5 — Debug Solaer Hoodie

Bugs shouldn’t get in the way of summertime fun! Toad & Co.’s selection of Debug apparel is treated with Insect Shield Technology to keep you happy and comfortable in the woods and in the field. Toss on the men’s Debug Solaer Hoodie if the temperature drops beneath the pines or keep it with you for evenings spent by the campfire. The fabric, which is partially made from recycled coffee grounds, also offers UV and moisture protection for true comfort and peace of mind.



See you on the trails!


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Julie O'Boyle

By Julie O'Boyle

 —  Julie O'Boyle is a freelance writer and content strategist with a background in fashion and DIY and a devotion to the outdoors and functional nutrition. Currently residing in the woods of Maine, when she's not writing you can find her at the beach or on a mountain, or otherwise getting her hands dirty.

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