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2019 Green Father’s Day Gift Guide

Jun. 7, 2019Dad works hard all year, and we can’t WAIT to celebrate him in my house. There are tons of great Father’s Day gift ideas out there, but I really love this eco-friendly lineup of nontoxic (and insanely cool) gifts for dad.

#1—The Rockwell Shaving Gift Set

Don’t let Dad turn into a scruffy nerf-herder. This shaving set by Rockwell includes an old-school safety razor that’s easy to use, coupled with more than enough blades to get him through the summer.  Use code AVOCADO to receive 10% off your entire order until June 20th.

He Tried It

Prior to getting Rockwell’s shaving set in the mail, my husband has used some conventional disposable razors to clean up for work. The result was a LOT of stubble (like really, so much) and a lot of discomfort. He was not happy.

This shaving set made him not hate shaving anymore. The razor glides WAY better than a cheap disposable, and the blades are sharp enough that they make even burly beard hair child’s play. He plans to upgrade the included brush for a boar’s bristle (it’s synthetic), but is totally sold on the old-school safety razor shaving method.


#2—Sustainable Sunglasses by Pala

Pala is a conscious company who believes in doing a lot of cool things, from paying their team fair wages, to reducing their impact on the planet. These shades are stylin’ and sustainable, and perfect for dads who can never seem to find theirs.

He Tried Them

My husband actually takes really good care of his sunglasses, so he was excited about getting a really nice pair from Pala. They came in a really interesting, really sturdy case made from recycled plastic bags.

The sunglasses are really sturdy too, the kind that you know are going to put up with being sat on a few times before they finally wear out. My husband really liked that the tint was effective, but not like, room darkening. However, if your head is on the smaller side, you might find these shades a little loose — he has a hard time getting them to stay put.


#3—Recycled Clothing Socks by OSOM

OSOM makes awesome socks from recycled fibers in a waterless manufacturing process. They’re breathable, durable, sustainable, and let’s face it — Dad NEVER has enough socks.


#4—Wooden Watch by Garwood

Wooden watches aren’t always sustainable, but these watches by Garwood are more eco-friendly than most simply because so many of the components are biodegradable. Plus, did I mention they look AMAZING?


#5—Minimalist Wallets by Ridge

Ridge wallets have earned a reputation for being the ultimate minimalist wallet, and damned near impossible to break. These bad boys have a lifetime guarantee, and are designed to fit in pockets — not be a literal pain in the butt.


#6—Beef Sticks by Mighty Organic

Because Dad can do better than the Slim Jims at the gas station. These beef sticks by Mighty Organic are the perfect protein snack for busy dads, and don’t have any of the nasty artificial ingredients big box competitors do.

He Tried Them

My husband was way excited to get a big box of beef jerky in the mail, and immediately started digging into the beef sticks and jerky that Mighty Organic sent over. All of the flavors got rave reviews, and he definitely had a soft spot for the pineapple chili jerky.

Even more amazing was that our four year old devoured this stuff. The meat bars were a little too textured (they have seeds in them) for my husband’s taste, so the kids and I made sure they didn’t go to waste.


#7—Insanely Strong Coffee by Death Wish Coffee

Give Dad some hardcore caffeine this year with Death Wish Coffee. Made with organic beans chosen for their caffeine content, this coffee isn’t for the faint of heart — but it sure is aromatic.


#8—Radiate Portable Campfires

Building a campfire is fun — until it’s not. These portable campfires are made with 100% recycled materials, and just soy wax and paper pulp, no funky chemicals. Just strike a match, light it up, and put a lid on it when you’re done, no splinters necessary.


#9—Plastic-Free Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle by Pura

Pura makes one of the ONLY plastic-free water bottles out there, and they are freaking amazing. These big insulated bottles are perfect for ice cold water or a hot cup of coffee.

He Tried It

Okay, well, we ALL tried this thing, because it was just so cool. Pura makes the only line of baby bottles in the world without plastic parts, and their grownup sports bottles are also plastic-free. This bad boy kept our ice water icy all day as we ran errands, and true to Pura’s stellar reputation for making the best, was completely leak-free.


#10—PowerTraveller Portable Solar Phone Charger

Because seriously, how cool is this thing? These tiny solar panels can be hooked up to your smartphone for solar charging anywhere there’s a cloudless sky. Use code AVOCADO19 (case sensitive) to get 15% off your entire purchase.


#11—Wool Lounge Shoes by Allbirds

Allbirds is amazing. They’re a certified B-corp, use recycled packaging, and make shoes from materials with a lower carbon footprint, like these wool loungers. They’re moisture-wicking and naturally temperature-regulating, so Dad won’t get sweaty man-feet in them.


#12—Raw Elements Eco-Friendly Sunscreen Tin

This natural sunscreen is reef-safe, non-toxic, and glitter-free for the macho dad in your life. He may be tough, but he’s probably not tougher than melanoma — grab Dad a tin and make sure he wears it when he mows the lawn.

Use code AVOCADO10 to Get 10% Off!

He Tried It

My husband was super weirded out when I told him sunscreen was a great gift for Father’s Day, but seeing this container, he started to get it.

Far from your plastic bottle of Coppertone, this sunscreen isn’t just beautifully packaged in a tin and burlap bag, it’s really good. The sunscreen is definitely temperature sensitive, and gets pretty difficult to spread if it’s been sitting in a cool house all day. Once you break into the goop though, it smooths out beautifully, and stays put all day


#13—Dr. Squatch Organic Cologne

There are a lot of eco-friendly, clean fragrance companies popping up for women, but Dr. Squatch is one of the few doing natural colognes for men. Their organic colognes are made from a simple blend of essential oils, which can be applied to pulse points or beards for manly muskiness.

We Tried It

My husband got a bottle of Dr. Squatch’s organic cologne and was actually a pretty big fan. Like me, my husband has been completely turned off to conventional colognes for years because of the ingredients. He really, really liked that Dr. Squatch was only made with natural, organic ingredients, like jojoba oil and essential oils.

Surprisingly, the scent wasn’t overpowering at all, despite the more pine-y notes. A small pat of the oils on his neck and chest lasted him through date night, and the scent was intoxicating. His skin wasn’t even a little bit irritated, even with a fresh shave, and though the fragrance lasted us well past dinner, by the next day, it wasn’t overstaying its welcome. 

This cologne smells incredible, is made with fantastic ingredients, and is a huge, huge step in the right direction for men’s personal care. You GO, Dr Squatch.



What are you getting the crunchy dad in your life for Father’s Day this year? Tell us on Facebook or Instagram and tag us in the post! @AvocadoMattress

Destiny Hagest

By Destiny Hagest

 —  Destiny is a freelance writer with a background in sustainability and natural health. She lives in the mountains of central Montana with her husband and young son. When she's not writing or chasing her toddler, you can find her wandering the quiet wilderness in search of wild herbs and antler sheds.

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